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Welcome to BVDU - Amplify DITM Alumni Association
- Vijay Kaushik, Chairman

As a successful Alumni of BVDU-Amplify DITM, you have been able to convert your dreams into reality and established your credentials in the corporate world, now is the time for you to help and guide your friends and relatives to achieve their dream goals in life. Amplify is very proud of you for being a successful Amplifian and wants you to share your experience with others. With this spirit and enthusiasm, I welcome you to exciting world of BVDU-Amplify DITM Alumni Association. In this era of digital technology, you all are aware of the power of Networking through social media. The purpose of this platform is to help all our Alumni to stay connected to each other and to Alma mater and explore all the possibility in the world. I Welcome you to exciting Digital Network of Amplify Alumni Association and let us together pledge to make this world a better place to live. Explore and Enjoy!!!

Stay Connected with the Institution, Faculty and Classmates

Having studied at BVDU-Amplify DITM means more than just getting a University Degree. You must have developed trustful relationships at the Institution, that go beyond learning together. Joining the BVDU - Amplify DITM Alumni Association makes it easy to reconnect even after a long time.

Expand your Network

Trustful long-term relationships are invaluable in today‘s business world. Stay in touch with your classmates, who must have become experts in their area of specilization. Learn from the experts whom you know and trust based on your common background at BVDU - Amplify DITM.

Have access to exclusive offerings

Networking events, Online Community, Knowledge sharing on Alumni Portal will provide you endless opportunities to stay connected with former friends, classmates, faculty and exchange ideas. Also, stay connected with the Institution and contribute back to its growth.

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